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Emilio Cruz
As a visual artist, Emilio Cruz has exhibited nationally and internationally. His work is in numerous collections, including the Museum of Modern Art. His Homosapiens Series was presented in 1997 in a one-person exhibition at the Museum of American Art of the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts.

Cruz is also a writer and musician whose work, Homeostasis: Once More the Scorpion, was selected to represent the United States in the Festival Mondial du Theatre in 1981. He was recently included in New York Magazine's The 100 Smartest New Yorkers and has just completed the manuscript of his first novel, Luminous Journey.

The works are from two different periods. They are eight feet high and around one and a half feet wide. The medium is charcoal drawing on a primed plywood surface, upon which bees' wax and micro-crystaline wax is poured on top. Sometimes the surface includes sand and cement and often, but not always, they are painted with oil paint. The series begins in 1990 and has continued to this day. The inspiration for these works is based upon paleontology and archaeology. The use of the spinal cord pertains to the central nervous system and the fact that it is a common factor amongst all vertebrae creatures, signifying universality and the sharing of fate, as is DNA and the collective unconscious.

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