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college freshman

Rhode Island School of Design

art history, oil painting, reading, golf, tennis, music, movies

On Starting:
"I've been drawing as long as I can remember. I emulated my mother, who does jewelry design and fabric art. In high school I had a great art teacher who inspired me to make art my career, forced a dedication in me, and I acquired a huge drive."

Favorite Medium:
"I like figuring out oils, though I'm more proficient in acrylics. I'll work in anything -- graphite pencils, ink washes, photo collages, computer art too."

Favorite Art Subjects:
"I love doing people, portrait paintings like Velazquez. The human figure can say so much without being in a specific pose. I like depicting the relationship between human beings and how they relate to their environments. I've been told my work is expressionistic, emotions-based."

"I get ideas from watching TV, reading underground comics, and other artists like Velazquez and Egon Schiele. I get composition ideas from photography."

Unique Technique:
"I get wild in colors but stay realistic in style. I am also unique in my use of lines for drawing fabrics - I think I got my eye for color and fabrics from my mother's art."

"I'd be happy doing anything in the arts. Education really appeals to me because of its stability and I would be helping people discover themselves through their art. I am also interested in exploring graphic design, like a magazine or children's book illustrator."

For All You Young Artists Out There:
"Always look for ways to interpret the world. Keep the passion for it!"

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