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College freshman

Kutztown University, Pennsylvania

Painting, cooking, dancing

On Starting:
"My parents found art kept me busy. In high school, my basic art teacher helped me develop my talents."

Favorite Medium:
"I love acrylics and painting. At the Baum School I had the opportunity to try lots of different media, and here at college I can try different things, too."

Favorite Art Subjects:
"I'm a realist. I like to draw recognizable things. Usually I do a real close image of an object; I'm not into doing landscapes."

"I get ideas from photographs. Sometimes I take my own."

Unique Technique:
"I think it's my adaptability. I can work in lots of different media, like acrylics, charcoal, and so on.

"I'm thinking of teaching art at the high school or college level. I'm also thinking about taking a minor in psychology, and eventually doing art therapy."

For All You Young Artists Out There:
"Stick to what you're good at and what you like, in both subjects and media, until you've mastered it. It's true that practice does make perfect."

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